Ultra Local is The New Fresh

Enabling Unique Culinary Experiences


VaVersa's Mia makes it very easy to grow your own greens... inside your restaurant!


Access herbs, tea herbs and microgreens from all over the world, many of which are not available in the market. Our gardens are a culinary tool. 

• Fresher = Healthier and Tastier

• Harvesting next to your kitchen allows plants to keep all their nutrients and texture.


Consistent production 365 days/ year. All the benefits of gardening without the difficulties of doing so.

• No Pesticides

• No Single use Plastics

• No Food Waste

• 95% Food KM reduction


Modular subscriptions include all the supplies and adapt to your restaurant needs. VaVersa helps you bringing extra freshness and taste to your dishes, teas and cocktails!


• No green fingers needed

• Sow, harvest and cook!

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Discover Mia: Your Ultra-local Indoor Garden

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Benefits and sustainability

Mia offers ultra-fresh & ultra-local produce, eliminates food waste & single use plastics and saves land and water. Learn how!

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Discover our plant assortment, nutritional value, plant facts and inspiration for every professional and home chef!

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