Mia - Growing made easy

Cook sustainably | Higher quality produce for less money


Access herbs, leafy greens and cresses from all over the world, many of which are not available in the market. Our gardens are a culinary tool. 

Fresher means healthier and tastier

Harvesting next to your kitchen allows plants to keep all their nutrients and texture

Our Locations

"It's an eye-catcher. That's why it's standing in the middle of the restaurant."

Patrick | Head Chef at Sodexo

"Ultra-locally grown produce is a game changer. The taste and quality of the produce grown with VaVersa is absolutely fantastic."

Niels | Gault&Millau New Chef on the Block 2022

"The plant quality is much better - they are so tasteful, the plants grow super fast & they keep well way longer than store bought herbs"

Romy | Catering Location Manager


Modular subscriptions include all the supplies and adapt to your restaurant needs. VaVersa helps you bring extra freshness and taste to your dishes, teas and cocktails!


No green fingers needed, just sow, harvest and cook

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Discover Mia: Your Ultra-local Indoor Garden

Subscriptions, size, pricing, and more!

Benefits and Sustainability

Mia offers ultra-fresh & ultra-local produce, eliminates food waste & single use plastics and saves land and water. Learn how!

Plant Catalogue

Discover our plant assortment, nutritional value, plant facts and inspiration for every professional and home chef!