Mia - Product Information

Discover Mia: Your ultra-local indoor garden!


100 x 93 x 232 cm (L x W x H).

Fits any interior

Choose out of 3 wood facade choices.

365 days production made easy

Requires only 30 minutes of attention per week.

5 layers with 4 spots per layer

Equivalent to 5 m2 growing space.

Place anywhere

Requires just an electricity plug.

Sustainable & Impactful

• No pesticides

• No single use plastics

• Saves land & water

Modern & Easy

• Special lights give plants exactly what they need

• Controlled environment gives ideal conditions for plants

• Automated & Remotely monitored

The freshest of greens, grown in your kitchen!


Plants have up to 40% more nutrients because they are not transported.


Harvesting right before plating means unmatched taste and aromas.

Easy to replace

Monthly package with your new plants and supplies.

In harmony with nature

Good insects are always present to protect plants from bad insects.

About our assortment



Leafy Greens

Edible Flowers

A Subscription provides

Herb, Leafy Green & Edible Flower replacements per month.

Cress replacements per month.

Average herb production per week.

Average cress production per week.

Grow It Yourself: Support & Inspiration

Personal area in VaVersa.com: Your own space for communication, information, orders and more!

Gardening Training: You get in person training, access to our online videos and all the gardening updates.

Planning & ordering support: We make sure you are ordering at the right moments to keep up with your needs.

Inspiration & menu design: We help you with new ideas, new possibilities and we help you keep up to date!

Maintenance & remote monitoring: We constantly monitor your garden and we take care of all maintenance.

Always growing possibilities: New plants are added to our assortment every 3 months. Naturally, you receive samples and keep you updated about our new releases!