Frequently asked questions

What is VaVersa?

VaVersa is a subscription service that allows chefs to grow part of their own food, by means of high-tech Indoor Gardens. By doing so, chefs get access to high quality, ultra-fresh and sustainable produce.

Is VaVersa sustainable?

VaVersa’s concept is built on sustainability. Our gardens have a consistent production 365 days/ year, with no usage of pesticides, no single use of packaging plastics and no food waste. In addition, 95% less water is being used and there is 95% Food KM reduction in comparison to traditional supply chains.

Where is VaVersa currently active?

VaVersa is currently active in The Netherlands, but anywhere in the country is fine.

How do I get started with VaVersa?

If you want to receive further information, make an appointment or become a client, send us a private message in the interact section of this website. We will immediately give you access to a subscription where you can get started by filling an onboarding form.  

What does the subscription include?

VaVersa is an all included service. Our flex subscription includes one fully equipped, high tech – automated garden, monthly replacement of plants and supplies, access to VaVersa’s online inspiration and support, access to VaVersa’s events and yearly maintenance of your garden. We also take care of the delivery and installation. 

What are the space requirements?

Our garden is designed to maximize production using the minimum amount of space. The garden occupies 1m2 of floor space. The dimensions are 105 x 97 x 230 cm (L x W x H).

How much time do I have to spend on my garden per week?

The garden is automated, and a computer regulates most of the tasks. You just need to refill the water tank with water once per week and you naturally need to harvest and replace the plants. These two activities should not take more than 30 minutes per week.

What is the assortment of plants?

VaVersa’s garden is suitable for growing herbs, leafy greens and cresses. You can see our full assortment in our plant catalogue: https://vaversa.com/member/subscriptions/I27W6ITt1AT7f9IOHbd7g7ipp2AWVrEhCrOHnzkJaqchnMEgKaNI3PPipoqlkaea

How long does it take for the plants to grow?

Herbs and leafy greens usually take around 30 days to be ready for the first harvest. After that you can harvest them weekly, for at least 2 months, until you will receive your new plants. Cresses are much faster and are ready to harvest between 7 and 18 days, depending on the type. Our team will support and facilitate all the ordering and replacing processes.

Can I have multiple gardens at my location?

Yes, you can have as many garden subscriptions as you want.

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, write us a message in VaVersa.com members area, we will be happy to answer personally.