Benefits and Sustainability


The biggest reduction in the quality of fresh produce occurs during transport and storage. Harvesting right before consumption minimizes the loss of nutrients, thus increasing the taste and nutrition of the produce.


The long supply chain is skipped, eliminating 95% of food km. Herbs do not have to come from Morocco in winter anymore.

Produce Diversity

An own Indoor Garden allows growing plenty of different herbs and microgreens not available in the market, all year round. Chefs use the garden as a culinary tool, providing them access to many new tastes, colours and shapes.

No Pesticides

We use nature to control nature. We use natural ‘guardian’ insects to prevent plant pests. This is called biological control, the future of plant protection.

Saves Land And Water

Our gardens can grow 5x more per m2 than field production and use 90% less water.

Eliminate Food Waste And Single Use Plastics

Harvest only what you need. Plants are more alive than ever, so shelf life is not a thing. Each garden saves around 2400 plastic packages / year. This represent 120KG of CO2/ year.