Garden Technology

What is the technology of the garden?

Plant Lights

The lights used on the garden provide the specific colours for growing plants. The lights are mostly composed of red and blue, which are the main colours that plants need for growing. Our lights are adapted to grow a wide range of plants very efficiently.

Automation & Monitoring

The garden is highly automated. Only the water and nutrients need to be changed periodically. The garden is equipped with more than 10 sensors that monitor all the environmental and water conditions that help make it run well and alert of emergencies.

Watering System

Our plants grow on nutrified water (hydroponics) and organic coco choir. Because all the nutrients come in the nutrified water, they are absorbed much more efficiently than the soil. At the same time, the water cascade provides plenty of oxygen for the roots to grow very healthy. 

Controlled Environment

Through a smart system of ventilators, our gardens are able to give the plants the exact temperature and humidity they need, without using extra heating or cooling.